Nigeria, dear native land!

Committee wants President, govs stripped of immunity

committe wants immunity clause removedI do hope that this can be brought to reality. Tough times demand stringent measures. If we are to move forward the message must be made evident that the law would always prevail. It is not a frivolous idea, rather it is a big test for the success or otherwise of several government initiatives. The recent sham of the failure of a CCTV networking project in Abuja is a pointer. It is equally a pointer to how other national problems are indeed interconnected: at a time when the country is neck-deep in security issues, several billions (those numbers are no longer meaningful anyway, what is a billion?! Wetin be million dollar!) are spent on an initiative that can boost security, yet two years of work and billions of investment are now said to be “vandalized and destroyed”.

As if we do not know there was that possibility before! The point is, what was put in place to avoid same, and what system was adapted to make this all-important initiative beat the odds that are always present anyway?

Thus holding those who executed this project responsible is a necessity if such and other initiatives are to be meaningful. It is not enough to claim “oh, it has been vandalized. It would always be vandalized if no extra steps are taking. Even in any developed country in Europe or elsewhere. The difference is the extra step taking to make initiative work. The present debate to remove political immunity is therefore a fundamental administrative strategy that would have a very positive consequence on the sense of service and increase a dutifulness which strives to overcome mediocre handling of issues, national or otherwise.

As a matter of fact it is not only about removal of the immunity clause, but the entire re-work of the Nigerian constitution which was foisted on the nation by the military. What sort of democracy works with a dictatorial constitution? A constitution is the very leaven of life of the country, nothing stable and good can be built if the foundation is cracked.

Even as the country goes to the poll again in less that 7 months. The point is that the ambience has always favoured self-service because politicians know they would always have their way around, at most after much noise from the people. If however it is clear to all that justice would no longer be any meaningless “plea-barganing” in which the the politician indeed still has a big bargain after the whole deal, then disservice and irresponsibility in governance would drastically reduce.

We need this more than ever at this point in time in Nigeria. To affront emerging problems (security,energy,etc) and consolidate development strides already gained, removal of immunity is an important way to go.  It is the sincere hope of several Nigerians that such meaningful proposals get a loyal and change-ready disposition of the National assembly!! In any case it is to be seen whether this whole conference is a step to real growth or a another smoke screen which all the same would make the call for change in such a blessed country even louder.


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