Nigeria, dear native land!

Ruminating, on the go

It is apparent that the ongoing insurgency is a plot to undermine the present Nigerian government, yes. But does it not equally reveal much more than that? For instance, that we’ve been living and depending on graveyard peace all this while?

*of a government, following the example of its predecessors, who would prefer dialogue with criminals who call themselves militants.

*of a government which would permit a President’s wife to internationally shame the nation, while we relish the distribution of that shameful video, a video which is in fact a reflection of Nigerians to the entire world, who could permit this caricature to continue while we enjoy the fun.

*of the fact that all the happenings in the past five years and most importantly presently, are indications of our institutions (in the different sectors of security, education, civil service, economy and infinitely so on) that have been run down by the several past administrations in the country. And of the fact that Nigeria cannot just continue to exist like before or else ceases to exist.

*maybe we can continue to mope on; distribute and laugh over obscene videos; celebrate fine but unrealistic feasts in the churches and mosques, out of tune with the reality in the country, cry “God dey” until our voices become hoarse; pretend that we can go on without a drastic change; remain in our comfort zones; continue to see ourselves along the lines of religion, tribe and language.

* one thing is sure though: This country can no longer go on this way, led by our worst of politicians, elected by ourselves, out of our own equally worst choices as citizens.

Critical times like these point to a need for a critical change, arising from critical assessment. The there is God o video might be funny, but it is a big challenge to all of us in Nigeria that this has gone too far.

Some people say it is about the first lady not being able to speak good English. I say no, that is not the problem, for nothing actually says she must be able to. The problem is more like nothing gives her constitutional powers that she (or any other first lady) has now usurped in this undefined land called Nigeria.

Could it all be because we deserve what we get and that this is actually the best we got to offer?


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