Nigeria, dear native land!

Beyond International Help

#bring back our girlsThe most famous of stars in the world are all out, supporting the “#bring back our girls” initiative. Where are own stars na? I pointed this out already some two weeks ago. It does seem those girls’ lives are important to foreign stars than our stars, important figures in the country etc. The best of the stars we got to act was mama peshe. Anyway, God dey o.

In any case, while we commend international actions, the noise of which has grown so loud now, let us not be herded into error by sentiments. Those girls are most important and they must be rescued at all cost, God helping us. But their rescue is meaningless if the very root causes of this evil itself are not dug out. The problems would simply go underground for a while only to resurface even if 10 years later. Those root problems are hydra-headed and include:

1.Boko Haram might be singing the Jihad song, but this is more of a front. This insurgency is a bad situation that was wont to happen someday in Nigeria. No country with such abundance of wealth can go on being misruled at all fronts without ending up with such a situation someday. If the international coalition of helpers is truly ready to help Nigeria, it must do all it can to politically bear on the ruling elite in Nigeria to be more responsible. And that is not by just  suggesting stuff for them to do. The international coalition has many other ways it can enforce a change in a situation of apparent irresponsibility that has gone on for many years in Nigeria. This should be a turning point. The question is: is the coalition itself not gaining from such irresponsibility? Is it ready to give it up now and truly help this nation on her knees? When the international community, in their single entities, cooperate with dictators, looters, and oppressors of the people, or when they do not speak out forcefully against such world evil as was the case until about a week ago, the consequence is what we see unfolding in the country: poverty, insurgency, fire and blood. If the international community really wants to help, let it help stamp out the international institutions that aid and abet corruption and corrupt leaders in Nigeria and in the other (developing) nations.

2.This is a political war that has to do with some heartless sponsors in and outside of the country. Any attempt that brings the girls home and maybe even destroys the terrorists has, ironically it seems, solved very little of the problem. The international community would truly be helping Nigeria if it lends strategic intelligence to uncover this wicked sponsors and their network. It would be a big disservice if these people are not only discovered but revealed and justly punished for the harrowing experience that the whole world has been put through. But particularly for the many lives that have been lost, the future of our girls that has already been stamped with an indignity, and the peace of many families, indeed of the entire nation, that has been destabilized.

3. The way forward for Nigeria would still be filled with several pit-holes unless the history of this country is revisited. Those who have ruled in the past and have led us to this dead-point must be made to bear some responsibility. Without gain saying, all that is happening now has to do with the accumulated irresponsibility of the past. If the institutions in Nigeria are down and unable to respond to the menace of these terrorists, it is not merely because of Jonathan’s clueless-ness. That is an addition. The main cause is that the institutions hardly exist any more. They are comatose, shadows of themselves, an army running into the bush at the onslaught of terrorists in armoured tanks! We must revisit the past if we must go on and no one must be too big to be unanswerable to this re-visitation. Babangida particularly comes to mind in this respect. These big boys are walking about and these days even silent, yet their in-actions and actions all added to this whole mess for which Jonathan alone now clueless-ly carries.

4. Violence and acrimony ferments faster in situations where social justice is wanton. The National Assembly might think it has nothing to do with this whole festering going on in the country. But indeed it does. Our legislative machinery is culpable in getting busy with everything but fast-tracking laws that can rapidly make this country grow. Take for instance their continued debate of the Petroleum Industry Bill  for the past 6 years! This is a single law that can revolutionize this country and her story. Yet it is sat upon, apparently pulled back by some powers that be. That should change forthwith if we are really ready to get this nation off her butts. So also must the military codes which we rule the country with and, for want of a better appellation, call constitution  be now promptly redone and a new, insightful constitution worked upon and promulgated.

5. The faults that have led us to this juncture are not only on the side of the leaders but also from the side of those of us that are led. A nation gets the leaders it deserves. If a new dawn must be witnessed in Nigeria, we must be ready to make much change, sometimes very difficult changes. Particularly we must be ready to bid  lawlessness goodbye (on the road, in the offices, at schools, in the society at large, in the places of worship and their tendency to laud riches and wealth rather than honour values and valor) and be ready to abide by a new order that shuns mediocrity; we must be ready to carry the consequences of good governance: to give a simple example, like being ready to go through the regulations for obtaining or renewing a  driver’s licence without going through some officer or someone I know. Seems little, but I tell you that is representative of the sort of changes that can revolutionize this country; a turn-bark from our old ways. A new order can only begin if we are ready to follow. Or else our condemnation of our leaders is meaningless.

These are few of the points that we must consider at this very treacherous but most opportune time for a new beginning in the country. They are also points that the international community must bear in mind if it indeed really wants to help Nigeria come out of this dark phase of her life, not just for a time, but for always. 


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