Nigeria, dear native land!

Confab Committee considering rotational governance

thinking with your legs

Yea, you’re right. We paid you guys 4 million to think with your legs. You better rethink that, and quick. Mssssh!

Unbelievable that at the very period in which the same rotational system has brought such disaster and shame to our country in the production of the present government, a conference which is meant to set things right in the country is considering enshrining rotational governance as law! But really what is wrong with us that we think in such illogical manner? At this time that we should be doing everything to fortify our constitution to produce only the very best in the country so as to resuscitate the nation, we are thinking of rotational government! It is this sort of thought that has led us to this whole Boko Haram saga, where some group think they must rule since it is a shared menene. But the truth is that the best for the country may not be in a scheduled Geo-political area at the proper point in time. What we need is a rigorous education to banish this evil thought that governance must be based on where one comes from, what religion one practices, or what gender he/she is. We must forget this, and fast too. It’s so disappointing to read as much as a discussion of the issue in the ongoing Confab. And to think they are really seriously thinking of proposing same, that is sheer madness. The nations we have called to help us with this Boko Haram saga must be shaking their heads in unbelief if they read such stupid proposals as this. “Bring back our girls” we shout, and we are arguing for the very sort of mindset that caused their present enslavement? Please rethink, and quick too. 


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