Nigeria, dear native land!

After the usual noise, may we not return to the status quo

A cry of 150 million people for over 50 years

A cry of 150 million people for over 50 years

It is the 1st of June today. And in some two weeks, it will actually be two months that over 200 Nigerian girls disappeared in modern history and without any incident of a plane crash or the likes, no thanks to the Boko Haram terrorists. That is for a want of name, they are actually criminals. Whatever their proper appellation, it shall soon be two months that these poor girls have been kidnapped from their parents and loved ones.

The fear is that this whole episode might go as one of the thousands in our national annals: where one ill climbs over the other daily, and we bemoan the latest only to shift attention to the next in a few days, completing forgetting the past ones. There are just too many to contend with it seems. Though the reality is that a definitive action is hardly taken on each one, and such indefinite action merely catalyzes into another mishap in the country. Such that at last the problems seem to be escalating and just bog down even the best of government. May these girls’ case not be so.

The so-much touted international community is here. With this issue we have had the greatest media publicity on Nigeria in recent years. Yet it is evident that getting justice, peace and social development is much more than bringing in some dialogue partners into the country, whereas the several institutions of injustice which have produced present state of restiveness are not only still existent but flowering.

While working with the international community as collaborators, may we as Nigerians also rise up to jointly say no to the institutions and individuals that produce such consequences as Boko Haram and their nefarious acts. Such institutions and individuals are visible not only in the wrong decisions of the government. Sometimes they come from the polity itself, from us and our in-actions. The government merely reflects a state that we have encouraged. Examples abound but just one suffices here. The on-going Confab is meant to decide the fate of the country and has Nigerian citizens representing the people. Yet these same people, are representatives, are considering a rotational government, even in the heels of the evils that such a silly idea has generated. We can no longer afford to put our worst foot forward in a march. We need the very best of Nigeria to be put forward now, wherever they come from and whatever religion they practice.

The point is that those who have led this country to such a comatose stage find comfort in such backward agitations for ideas like rotational government and national character, whereas those ideas indeed signify less national character. If a Nigerian of whatever tribe or religion does not qualify to represent Nigerians at any time, we are less national than our contrived constitution purports us to be. You see then, this is not just about government decisions. It is about our choices as visible in such considerations being made by people representing us in a Confab meant to create a change. We can’t continue to blame the government. There will never be a change unless called for and enabled by the people. And this is just an example out of thousands why the state of the nation depends on us as well as on the government. But there shall never be that change if not robustly demanded by the people, and incessantly too.

Our strive to bring the girls back home, our war against criminals like those of Boko Haram organization and ultimately, our long (almost eternal) strive to re-position Nigeria to her proper status in the committee of nations shall be successful not only with the intervention of the international community, but with a readiness of our people for a true change.

May we succeed in bringing the girls home now. But may we do much more by working towards establishing states and processes which would ensure that the present institutions, individuals and instances which favour misrule are done away with.

The year 2015 is racing in fast. A nation of 150 million people cannot continue her lamentation which has since celebrated a golden jubilee. We all know what it means to be 50. No international community will save us if we do not save ourselves from nepotism and misrule.


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