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Light Unto My Path

light unto my path

Dedicated to you all as Rooting For A Change celebrates its 1st year anniversary online. May His light continually illumine our path in life now and always.


Christians are a people who listen and hear the Word of God. God speaks primarily and conclusively in Jesus Christ. The witness of the person and mission of Jesus is found in the gospels and letters of the New Testament.

God’s word is unpredictable in its power. Beyond our own prayerful reading of the Sacred Scriptures, we all benefit from reflections on themes of the Bible to focus our understanding and to enhance the meaning, beauty and attractiveness of the message. Fr Victor Amole has offered to us a wonderful set of reflections on the Word of God which is often described as a seed which, once sown, grows to produce fruit of grace in the hearts of men and women. This book is meant to assist the fruitful reading and reflection on the Good News.

In offering clear and engaging ways of relating to what is at the very heart of the Gospel, Father Victor is providing a real service to us who listen and hear the Word of God. His manner of writing is both pastoral and missionary in style and in purpose.  The message is made accessible, while losing none of its depth and truth, and thus becomes all the more forceful and convincing.

I hope that the readers will benefit from the reflections, even as a daily meditation, to enhance their faith. I thank Father Victor for the time, energy and trust that he has invested to produce this book.

(Most Rev.) John A. Boissonneau
Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto
December, 2013

e-book format

e-book format



8 thoughts on “Light Unto My Path

  1. mf says:

    Anche io ti ringrazio per questo libro, e per questo sito, che sono per me dei segni meravigliosi di quanto il Signore ti abbia scelto per essere his treasured possession.

  2. Last week we bought a copy of your book Light Unto My Faith at our church. Congratulations on your efforts to evangelize and reflect on the Christian life. May God continue to bless your vocation and keep you writing and meditating on the Gospel. Thank you and best wishes from Toronto.

    • Thanks Lou! How are you and Michelle? Thanks for the purchase! I actually gave a copy to Fr Donatello last week for you. We shall get to see someday d.v.

      Pace e bene!

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