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Transcription of Prof Boyd Haley’s interview on Autism-causing vaccination

Prof. Boyd Haley on Vaccine and Autism

A former medical researcher for the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, has recently admitted to committing fraud by omitting crucial data from a leading study on the link between autism and the MMR vaccine.

 This is adding fire to a long standing debate about a connection between autism and vaccines. One of the ingredients often cited at the center of the controversy, Thimerosal or Mercury, is commonly used in vaccines as a preservative.

The FDA claims they’re working with “vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal from vaccines.” (1)

 Joining me now is retired professor of chemistry Boyd Haley from the University of Kentucky, one of the world’s leading experts in the study of the role of Thimerosal, and how it affects the human body.

 We’ll discuss Thimerosal, autism, and the current controversy at the CDC.


Welcome to the programme professor Boyd

 Thank you.

 Professor, before we get on to Thimerosal and autism, what is your take on the CDC whistleblower’s revelations?



I don’t know what the,… the whistleblower at all, but I think this is what one would expect to happen because the CDC, looking at a lot of other data and publication that they have sent out, we realize that they are not been very honest with the American public about what might be causing epidemic of autism in the United State.


Well do you think this information,…how is it going to impact the community… of vaccines-affected children and families?


I think it’s going to get many of them upset. Because most of them don’t trust the CDC today, and many because of the behaviour of the sort of leaders of the CDC and the standards they have set in the past. For example, we have a highest rate and the earliest vaccines given in the world and yet on the infant mortality list we are at the very top. We have our children who have higher rate of disease, illnesses or whatever than any other country, 43 modern country. So we have to look at these and say what is causing these children to die? If  this vaccine is working, why aren’t we …


So professor, what is Thimerosal  and why is it used in vaccines?


Thimerosal is a molecule which is used to make ethylmercury soluble. Ethylmercury is not soluble in water. So they attach it to an organic molecule pysolicilate to make it soluble in water so that they could spray it on plants and other things and put it into biologicals such as vaccines and if you remember mostphiolate, that material is was a top septic…. So that is what it is, it is an inorganic mercurial compound, it is incredibly toxic and…


So what is its function in vaccine? We hear that it is used as preservatives, how does it preserve vaccines?


It prevents any bacterial or micro from growing in the vaccine on storage, because it is lethal to all forms of life.


So given that it is lethal to all forms of life why are we allowing it to be injected into our children?


That is a good question! I have asked the CDC that and people who are pro-vaccines and pro- Thimerosal  and I’m yet to get a good answer.


So what effect does Thimerosal have on the newborn as it is infected or, as you said, injected with Thimerosal that is in the vaccine?


You know, we really don’t know all the effects it has because no one has done… experimentally looked at this. But you know if you give it to animals, if you put it to cells and cultures, we know that it kills neural cells at very very low concentration, and especially in boys or in the presence of testerone, it becomes  incredibly toxic. And the interesting thing is, in a study done in England, where they looked at the amniotic fluid of mothers who gave birth to autistic children, the one thing they found that was consistent was that they were very high in testosterone  and the amniotic fluid. And so that is one of the risk factors, you know. The boys that probably going to grow to be line backers, you know,  are the ones that are more likely to get autism. And you have… that is one rate we have to worry about. Why are boys four or five times more likely to become autistic than girls. And so that tells you that it’s a gender issue. And what I have found and what I have speculated upon is that it is the increase in testosterone that causes the children, the boys to be more susceptible. And we saw that when we took neurons and culture and treated them with testosterone, I mean with Thimerosal. Testerone dramatically increased the rate of death in the presence of Thimerosal, they are mercury compound. And others have backed that up. If you take rats in a cage and you make them drink Thimerosal-laden water, the male rats would all be dead before the female rat is sick.


Now you mentioned that the amniotic fluid of the women who are having children with autism is higher in testosterone itself. So how are the women, how is the testosterone getting into the amniotic fluid, is there a connection there? Because if the children have autism after the fact, is the autism being developed in the womb?


Well, these children also have higher testosterone after they are born. And testosterone is a normal component of females, its higher in males but females have testosterone also. And so what they are saying in the studies is that females that have higher testosterone levels versus other females are the ones that have children that are more likely to be autistic. It indicates that testosterone is a risk factor, … high testosterone is a risk factor for gaining autism.


So does Thimerosal have an effect on testosterone levels?


No, no. Its not that. Testosterone indicates retention of mercury in the body of boys whereas estrogen helps excrete the mercuy from the body of girls, the higher estrogen levels.


Is there anyway to reverse the effects of autism?


I don’t know. I think you can reverse some of the effects, I mean those that are systemic. Such as leaky guts and intestinal pain. You can sort that. I don’t know if you can get them back to only normal, altogether or not. I really don’t know the answer to that.

So back to the study at the CDC, what do you think likely happened during this controversial CDC study of MRI vaccine on African-American children. Why does was this study found, …that these children have more cases, higher cases, twenty to forty percent higher cases of autism?


I think all children that are exposed to Thimerosal early, like on the day of birth, are more likely to become, have neurological problems that is autist. I don’t know about the African-American children versus white children. Thimerosal will be toxic to all children, all races. I’ll say that the CDC has a lot of risk, with regards to autism being caused by vaccine will be a very big blow to their compliance. People won’t want to be vaccinated if  they think this is real. And they are trying to keep their compliance of people vaccinating their children up, and they don’t want people thinking that it causes autism or any other neurological disease.


Based on what you have seen as far as with the whistleblower and any other research, do you believe the CDC is hiding any data that shows links between vaccine- autism or Thimerosal and autism?


I believed that before the whistleblower came out. I mean there are other things that have just gone wrong like some of the meetings they’ve had and some of the suggestions and the fact that they had the institute of medicine recommend that we do no more research to look at vaccine, the correlation to causation of autism. So they’ve done everything…government has made me believe that they are trying to abandon to cover up that they made a very big mistake. And this is before the whistleblower. I think the whistleblower, I believe him totally by the way. I mean, in regards  … that is what the CDC would do.


Okay last question, what do you think parents should do if they are concerned about the potential risk of Thimerosal and other additives in vaccines?


Well, I can just tell you what I as a grandfather recommended to my daughter, “.. not vaccinate your child until they are after two or three years of age, and don’t vaccinate with anything that contains Thimerosal.


Why would you wait?…


I’m not anti-vaccine now, I want to make that clear. I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m anti-mercurcy in any vaccine.


So why would you say wait, till two or three years old?

Well it’s because of the development of the brain. The brain and a lot of the neurons are growing, and the development of the nervous system and the brain occurs primarily in the first two years of life. I’ll wait longer than that if I could, unless there was a reason, a compelling reason to give the vaccine, I will wait my child was, you know, five or six years old before I vaccinated them.


Alright, Prof. Boyd thank you for joining us today.

Alright that was Prof. Boyd Haley. To find more about him and this debate, please visit

 ** words in red not quite clear and so unknown. This is an attempt at transcribing the words of Prof. Haley, some words may be missing or wrong.







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