dear native land!

A new era is about here

National Identity Card

Without doubt, a big-time mark on Mr. Jonathan’s political score sheet. Maybe shrewdly timed, but we got to give this to him. The importance of this feat touches on several facets of growth. It also accords Nigeria a greater level of recognition and collaboration in the committee of nations. The use of the Master Card platform also promises to make the present card less prone to the failures of past attempts at a National Identity Card. The enormity of its advantages will soon begin to emerge. Though seemingly insignificant when compared to the western nations who got this going decades ago, it is indeed a feat in today’s Africa. Any  move towards transparency and simplification of administration is a solid plus for any country in the modern world. And this is very contemporary too, even when compared to the western schemes. But now the burden is to make the scheme work. The burden is to prove that we can indeed do it, without mago-magoing it. So the test remains. However one should indeed be happy with this, especially after insistently canvassing  for same. One has got to celebrate the little mercies amidst several afflictions. This is a big one for Nigeria, kudos!


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