dear native land!, Nigeria

Election 2015: Kick-out religious and tribal sentiments

election 2015election 2015

Hopefully we have gained ample experiences to know that choosing leaders in the forthcoming elections should never be based on religious or tribal considerations.

The most important considerations for the choice of leaders for Nigeria at this most critical time are the criteria of moral probity and administrative competence.

In the choice of such leaders, we have a golden opportunity before us to turn the dream behind such failed occupy Nigeria noise into a tangible reality. Or else, such ideals shall remain at the level of ideals and talks. And we shall continue to make much noise for the next four years after the election, 2019 so to say. How old will you be then?

It is time to galvanize ourselves into meaningful action and make the forthcoming 2015 elections decisive in our lives as a people. Let reason prevail, not religious or tribal sentiments. Men and women of valour who are proven to stand by their words are our only hope to moving forward right now.

This is also not the time for mere party alliance. The present political clime in the country shows that there are equally friends and foes of the Nigerian state in both the ruling and opposition parties. It is now time for Nigerians to shine their eyes and choose credible individuals, not because of blind party affiliation.

The present administration has done a lot. Several of its policies are foreword-looking and important. The problem is that policies alone do not make for change. It takes people who are dedicated and have both political and moral will. I honestly see this lacking in our polity right now. It is the reason for which Nigerians must now make a careful and wise choice. Choose  not out of religious or tribal passion. Choose because it is time to match policies with actions.

Having said all these, the question I continually ask myself is: do Nigerian youths know how powerful their say is in this election? If they do, are they going to maximize such power and create the desired change? And are the several leaders of youths in the different cadres of the society smart enough to direct them to create that change? If they are smart enough, finally, are they willing?

We either act now or we lament for the next four years. The choice is before us.


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