dear native land!, Nigeria, dear native land!

Not the entire force of a ruining party can stop a 50 million youth: if we use that number right.

Nigerian parliament members climb the assembly gate, which was closed by security forces, in Abuja on November 20, 2014

Nigerian parliament members climb the assembly gate, which was closed by security forces, in Abuja on November 20, 2014

Today, again, our leaders brought the country into disrepute. Let us not bother ourselves about the details of that embarrassing situation, many other accounts can provide that. The focus rather, I believe, should be on a lasting solution; a good riddance to this very bad rubbish.

It’s been said several times and over. It’s either our people, particularly the youths, rise up to make wise decisions about who rules them, or these shameful scenes will continue to play themselves out in the country. What is happening is not accidental, it is merely a consequence of our choice of this crop of people to steer the course of the country. People who will fight and rip each other’s garments over problems rather than resolutely and wisely solve same. But they simply can’t do the former: nobody gives what he does not have! So this brings us back to the same point: we chose these consequences precisely by choosing these individuals as leaders.

The way forward therefore: wake up youths and the not so youthful! Wake up and constructively but actively work towards creating the change you want. 2015 and the elections shall soon present themselves to you. And the youths alone, statistics tell us, are more than 50 million in the country. That seems ridiculous, but yes, that is over 70% of the supposed 70,383,427  registered voters in the country. That is the powers in the hand of the youths alone! But it seems we just lament and talk, and complain. Yet when the time for action comes, the youths are either conspicuously absent, or outright complacent. The probability that we shall be back in 2019 on this forum and others complaining and grinding our teeth is very much dependent on our action or complacency with regards to the coming election.

So stand up, and with you, all the supporting religious and social institutions that are well meaning and have worked tirelessly for the salvation of our fatherland from the tyranny of misrule, greed and bigotry. Let us stand up to stop this continuous ridicule of a country which is representative of the entire African continent.

In the meantime, and as a side thought, if you think what is happening right now is without the awareness of the very top-shots of the supposed “biggest” and ruling (more like ruining) party in the country, you have to think again.  Or who is it/who are they that control the apparatus of the police and State Security Service which began this whole mayhem by blocking the constitutionally elected Speaker of the House of Assembly from the assembly complex? Yea, right. You answered right. These people care more about the party, the votes and the power more than the people or whatever it is we still call a country.However we see it, something more sinister than the obvious is brewing.

We had better open our eyes to the great need to wake up to the 2015, another opportunity for a correction of this long madness of a ruining party. A word is enough for the wise.


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