moral musings

Several people, different problems, but one world.

You’ll be amazed where the latest lesson on the common destiny of humanity is coming from: rise in the cost of coffee! The long drought in far-off Brazil particularly, and the coffee leaf rust in Central America generally is having a big effect on lives everywhere, especially in North America.

Yet such little change does not still get our attention to the tight-connection of our common global destiny. It’s as if there must be an ebola, or an ISIS, or any of those crazy big violence, to trigger a global seeking of human dignity and peace everywhere. But the truth remains, as the Yoruba people would say, that the comfort of the bird is necessarily tied to the comfort of the tree on which it is perched.*

Still within that perspective by the way, that was a great speech and vision by Obama on the proposed immigration reform in that country. That indeed is a leader who is thinking. It is amazing however the level of opposition that such vision is generating, from the Republicans particularly. You get the impression these guys are either hypocritical, talking of world peace and human dignity but opposing policies to engender same; or they are simply clueless on the tight-connection of human destiny.  And certainly, that opposition is a lack of recognition or perception of the connection between the American people and the millions of Latinos who live in shadows, in a country that is meant to be the face of freedom and peace.

ìrọ̀rùn igi ni ìrọ̀rùn ẹyẹ.


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