moral musings

Man killing man

stop the hateIt is unfortunate that two more people had to be sacrificed on the altar of hate. Apparently and from what their murderer posted online, they were targeted in retaliation for the perceived maltreatment of African-Americans in the United States. President Obama has rightly and unconditionally condemned the act as unjustifiable.

It is ironical though that Ismaaiyl Brinsley set out to harm the perceived enemy, the white policeman, yet in his random choice of that white policeman who has been perceived as treating the black man unjustly, he ended up killing Asian and Hispanic policemen. It is a very salient but powerful message on violence and hate. These policemen of immigrant descent suffered fatal violence in the hands of one whom you could technically call one of theirs, an immigrant craving for justice but in a most illicit and violent manner. Indeed violence never gets the desired result of justice, neither do the structures which do not visibly and properly condemn injustices stop suffering violence. It is a pressure pipe of dual, returning valves.

The currents of emotions in the States right out now beckon to all and sundry in that country, the common man and the one in some place of authority, to forge a society in which violence is eschewed and justice is ensured. Both are needed. Unfortunate as this last incidence is, we cannot careen from the fact that the motive grew from the events of the past few months. I certainly and unreservedly condemn the dastardly action of Brinsley. Unfortunately that might not put a stop to such evil. To bring about an effective stop, the non-negotiable value of each and every life must be revisited and reiterated even as an adequate protection for law enforcement agents like policemen is promoted.

We must nip the injustice of man to man in the bud. When a black man is killed, or a white one is attacked in retaliation, it is the human person that is being denigrated and killed. Both situations must be squarely addressed for a meaningful respite. Situations which could set motives for this sort of terrible incident must be discouraged in the society; so also must individuals who would take the law into their hands like Brinsley be effectively dealt with. Both must be done without omitting one.

The life of each man is of value and must be protected. The important gloss however is that it must not only be protected, it must be seen to be valued and protected. May man, everywhere, stop being wolf to man.


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