moral musings, Nigeria, dear native land!

The change Nigeria needs will truly come when…

change 1we all learn to abide by order and discipline, the rich and the poor, the common and the less common; and when the rule of law makes same non-optional for all.

change b the young ones commit themselves to rigorous study and formation today so they can compete favourably anywhere in the globe tomorrow

change e

political leaders put forward ideas and dialogue intelligently for the good of the nation rather than assault each other. Of course the assumption is that those in that class are actually intelligent

change d

the security and well being of each and every Nigerian  is assured by the State, from the weakest to the mightiest

change c

religious leaders desist from this impoverishing gospel of prosperity, while relegating the proper teachings of the gospel to the sidelines

 Of course all the above with the instrumentality and guide of a resolute and capable leader.
change 13

Whoever that happens to be for you come March 28, choose with wisdom. But no change will come with the leader alone, without the contributions of   the led. It is time for Nigeria to move to the next stage in our long and painful journey of development. Contribute your quota. Let’s give ourselves and the children of the future of  this nation something to smile about.


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