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200 Million Mumu

200 million mumu lagbaja art

So nice satire. Art is life. It was a big part of what transformed the western world to its modern form today. Hopefully more artists can stay true to a philosophical search for truth and change like this revered eégún*. So proud of Lagbaja!*

It’s a pity though that some artists are greater mumus* than we the general Nigerian mumus: they are dancing the atilogwu* of tribal cum religious politics in Nigeria rather than being means for development of their people. Their only argument, “ehn, so much money has been poured into the art industry by this government.”  Foolish talk niyen o. Which kind talk be dat? Na animal talk be dat. Especially for you leaders of art or to put it better, leaders of life, who should know better. You prefer porridge to your birthright; you prefer alms to true development of your people.

Eminent artists in history who have been great agents of change in the lives of their people – like Chinua Achebe and Ken Saro Wiwa in Nigeria; Dante Alighieri in Italy; William Shakespeare in England  – would sigh at this travesty of an otherwise worthy profession.

You still have time to change your course anyway and be a conduit of life and change that is much needed in Nigeria right now.

Lagbaja=      A talented Nigerian musician. See his other works
Eégún =       masquerade
Mumus =      Fools
Atilogwu =    a kind of traditional dance in Nigeria


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