dear native land!, Nigeria

9-day countdown snippets


    The international community cannot pretend it does not matter who wins or loses this election. Of course it does! The fortune and misfortune of Nigeria has been and continues to be of immense consequence even to the first world. On the one hand of the argument, think of the growing menace of the local insurgence in Nigeria for the international community. Nigeria’s misfortune does matter. On the other hand, think of the billions of dollars lifted by Nigerian leaders and servicing economies outside her shores. Is that making the first world sadder, if you know what I mean? Of course it does matter. The point is when will the question “what is in it for me” cease being the overriding factor in the support that the international community gives to growing countries worldwide. No matter the decision however, the consequence matters for both Nigeria and the international community.

     The call to leadership and exemplary guide therefore extends to the international world to support and aid the growing call for a new world in Nigeria. In no way can the silence of the international community at this critical juncture be positive either to the same community, or indeed, to Nigeria herself.

     …On a passing note, I see that Obama gave a speech on Nigeria the other day. Most welcome. But I’m just ruminating if that voice has not been long silent particularly when the country needed it most. Just thinking! 


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