dear native land!, Nigeria

This is the hour O Lord

 A lmighty God, I pray for my country Nigeria and its people, as they go to the polls tomorrow.
That you have blessed this country immensely is without doubt.
But that it has been crudely managed for decades is not in doubt either.

 I pray first for the current government and for the opposition party, for the grace to know the critical nature of this election;
to understand that the craving of the people for something better goes beyond the two gladiators of the leading two parties;
to be forthright in promoting and defending the people’s will, and to enable the necessary paraphernalia to make it work.
May they enable peace and eschew violence. May no human life or dignity be a price for winning an election.

 Ipray for the people themselves, grant them an enlightened vision to decide rightly and maturely, and the grace to rise up to the call for a better nation, with its necessary sacrifice.
May the people know that this election is only a beginning of another level of journey we must all make together to change the country for the better, and to expect and monitor outcomes from their government.

 In a special way I pray for the intelligentsia and religious leaders who are, in a big way, influential to the people’s conscience, for the light to see light, not shirk their duty for lack of courage or outright ignorance, or be pocketed by vested interests inimical to the people.
May this group of people specially realize what a source of hope they are to the nation. In them you have reposed knowledge, may they use same to guide the people right. May our people not die for lack of knowledge.

 Finally I pray for whoever rightly wins this election: for vision, strength of character, political will, selflessness, and a determination to serve with distinction, surrounding himself with the very best of minds and will, taking this nation to its rightful position.

 Through Jesus Christ who is our Lord, who has come that we may have life and have it to the full. Amen.


2 thoughts on “This is the hour O Lord

  1. Michael Scandiffio says:

    We are praying for Nigeria as requested.May God grant the people of your homeland with a just government.


    Mike and June

    Sent from my iPad

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