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Gubernatorial elections and voters’ apathy

voter's apathy   The euphoria of the Presidential election has passed and yesterday’s election of State Governors and State Assemblies has brought up a burning issue that one thought was already laid to rest in Nigeria: voters’ apathy. Of course that is a problem. And it is surely a concern we need to address in the incoming political dispensation and the next.

     Like I’ve said elsewhere, we focus a lot on the presidency and forget those who will make his policies work with the force of law: the Senate and the House. In the same manner we forget the governors and LG officers who would make immediate decisions on the life of the people. So even if the President were to be an angel and the Senate and House of Assembly above board(both dreams),  each of their actions becomes fruitful only when it reaches the grassroots!  And the key to the grassroots lies in the hand of the Governor and his state paraphernalia. Do you see how much work we got upfront?

 Of course it takes years of educated, continuous improvement to oil the engine of a democracy into full gear. We shall get there if we do not relent. The entire federal system and its practice needs urgent revisit. Hopefully Osinbajo can prove his mettle and expertise in this messy area.


2 thoughts on “Gubernatorial elections and voters’ apathy

  1. June Scandiffio says:

    So true, is, unfortunately, a universal problem as fewer than 30% of eligible voters exercise their franchise in municipal elections on Ontario. Some say that with apathy we get the government we deserve.

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