Incoming National Assembly may not pass the PIB – Senator

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Punch Newspapers has reported that the current Chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Accounts, Senator Ahmad Lawan “has expressed fears that the Petroleum Industry Bill may not be passed by the incoming eighth National Assembly” unless issues within the same bill are rectified. Well the Nigerian people who have elected you all to the Senate, hoping that they have done the right thing and that you are there for the Nigerian interest say “do what you got to do QUICK and pass this bill”! You see why the success of even the best well-meaning government depends so much on the political-will and integrity of its policy makers? They will be the albatross of Mr. GMG and his cabinet. This Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB)  goes to the heart of the restructuring of the destructive behemoth called the oil industry of Nigeria, a blessing turned to a curse, and yet is stalled year after year. Well, if APC likes, joke with this issue of who leads the pack of the Senate and House of Representatives. Continue zoning and un-zoning rather than bringing on board the best men for the job. The cabal and profiteers from the misery of the country are playing their game already. Of course it is their focus to keep good policies from passing and thus keep the status quo the same. I am sure the incoming government sees well how this scheming is already playing out. The question is if it is visionary and strong enough to take it on right from the onset. Michael Oluwagbemi’s article (Managing The Goats: On Corruption, Repercussions And Sabotage) says it all about the wise way to go. I do hope the expertise of Osinbajo and the tenacity of Buhari are up to that task.



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