moral musings

I call you friends…

It is not merely that we are called to love the poor. Jesus who calls us friends in the liturgy of today reaches out to us in our misery not in our worthiness. Thus he loves not the worthy but the loved. It is a love that is given, not earned. It is that same love that he calls us to. And it is a love that must essentially seek out the disadvantaged as our world often perceives/castigates the poor of any kind (either poverty of mind, of material things, of companionship, of kindness, of inability to share time etc). Poverty of any kind.

This special love for the poor makes one remember the words of Africae Munus, precisely that “in the spirit of the Beatitudes, preferential attention is to be given to the poor… (no. 27).

To do this is therefore not to do the extraordinary of love, it is to practice the very necessary element of love.


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