dear native land!

May 29: charting another path for and with Nigeria

The expected day is here. A new beginning in Nigeria as the new government is sworn in May 29, 2015. The new President, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, a man popularly acclaimed as a reformer and an anti-corruption activist, faces the daunting challenge of ridding the monster called corruption from a nation whose name has almost become synonymous with that negative appellation.

That he cannot do it alone is self-evident. The country now looks to his very first acts, particularly the formation of his cabinet and immediate staff. The choice of cabinet members would eventually be the morning that would show the day for the new administration. As it is even now, the day is already with an ominous face, with the amount of recklessness and waste which attend the administration. But then this is the more reason why only seasoned minds and tested hands must be given any responsibility by the over-burdened president.

Such seasoned minds are not wanting in the country. Just today one of Nigeria’s best mind, Akinwunmi Adesina,  got the lofty job of being the President for the African Development Bank (AfDB). Such people indeed are not wanting in the country. They are so many. The only question is if such ridiculous concepts like “zoning” or “party loyalty” and all such stupid terms ( coupled with the crippling practice of wanting to settle those who have promoted Mr. Buhari to this position) would allow the best of us emerge to serve the rest of us.

The whole country and the entire world waits earnestly. The mantra in the mouths of millions of Nigeria is: Never again! Never again shall misrule be condoned. The new administration therefore has every reason to be prudent and careful with his choices starting from today.

Of course the success of the aforesaid right choice of peoples and policies would only yield its fruits when each and everyone of Nigerians begin to play his/her part, that is true. But for now, let the leaders of the people set the tone for the said change. For to make the people follow will not be as difficult as getting good policies and fitting hands to uplift this administration.

Its not easy o! But it surely can be done. And we must do it.


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