Let's pray some, moral musings

Homage to the Eucharist

This one bread that we break, this glorious cup that we share. Thanks to God for such a gift to humanity.

1. Sacred food but given freely to us.
2. A feast at which none is worthy to participate, yet to which all are cordially invited all the same.
3. Our pharmacy of health, our solace in distress.
4. The wonder of God present in a wafer; a replay of his presence as a wee-child.
5. We adore you Lord. Knead us united in this one bread; keep us together in this one cup.

What more to end with than the beautiful words of the Angelic Doctor

‘How precious and wonderful is this banquet, which brings us salvation and is full of all delight! What could be more precious? It is not the meat of calves or kids that is offered, as happened under the Old Law; at this meal Christ, the true God, is set before us for us to eat. What could be more wonderful than this sacrament?

No sacrament contributes more to our salvation than this; for it purges away our sins, increases our virtues, and nourishes our minds with an abundance of all the spiritual gifts.

It is offered in the Church for the living and the dead, so that it may be beneficial to all, as it was instituted for the salvation of all.

Finally no one is capable of expressing the delight of this sacrament, through which the sweetness of the Spirit is tasted at is source, and the memory is celebrated of that surpassing love which Christ showed in his passion.

And so, in order to imprint the immensity of this love more deeply in the hearts of the faithful, at the Last Supper, when the Lord had celebrated the Pasch with his disciples and was about to pass from this world to his Father, he instituted this sacrament as a perpetual memorial of his passion. It fulfilled the types of the Old Law; it was the greatest of the miracles he worked; and he left it as a unique consolation to those who were desolate at his departure.’

 Thomas Aquinas, Second reading,  Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ


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