dear native land!

Horror film of a difference

The unfolding horror film, staring the National and State Assemblies, is a clear indication that we have to be more mindful of the Kola’s, Uche’s, and Ahmed’s that we choose from our different constituencies to represent us.

At the end of the argument, these guys came to power through the people’s mandate, or shall we say through the people’s negligence. There was a gross concentration on the Presidency in  the last election (and duly so, you may say, given the joke that went before, the consequence of which we still suffer till tomorrow). But then we have argued at several times (see that the next turf of struggle for change would be nowhere but on the grounds of the National Assembly. Irony of sorts. Those are the guys that are meant to enable the necessary paraphernalia for change, but they are essentially the ones who would also throw in the wedge into the desired machine of change.

Hopefully we work through these irritating and and nauseating teething-problems and eschew the distraction that such macabre dramas are orchestrated to cause in this administration.

Much more than this, the unfolding drama is an ardent warning to Nigerians to watch out in the nearest future not just for the Buhari’s that they elect, but equally for those Kola’s, Uche’s, and Ahmed’s that would represent them in making laws with which the Buhari’s can govern. How important that is!

You know those Kola’s, Uche’s, and Ahmed’s. Never let them return to be your lawmakers. After all you can not expect a state-of-the-art law-making if you choose lawless, selfish, cheap-weed smokers as lawmakers. The argument is that the same single-mindedness and sense of commitment that the people had in voting a man in whom they believe for the Presidency MUST as a matter of necessity be exhibited in scrutinizing and choosing the law makers who essentially come from among our midst and therefore should be known to us.

That is the next level of growth and awareness that our democracy is dramatically calling for.



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