dear native land!

The real cause of Boko Haram

This picture above is making rounds on Twitter as the real reason for the sorrows, tears and blood otherwise known as Boko Haram which has tormented the Nigerian State for the past six years.

The picture speaks for itself and obviously has many credits as to why one would want to believe its arguments. After all the Yorubas say if one builds houses rather than educate a child, such a child eventually sells those houses, and at prodigal rates too.

It is only ironical that one of the very reasons that Boko Haram cites for its existence is the eradication of Western education. In effective words, this pack of cowards seeks to keep more children in darkness of ignorance, precisely to perpetuate such an ignominy that has made Nigeria bend on her knees with shame and frustration these past years.

All the same, we are however not oblivious of the more subtle reasons behind even this purported reason of an education deficit. Education is made lacking and rare not just by accident nor by the Islamic religion which is most popular in the North(many arguments in that regards too), but much more by the Northern leaders who see in it a great tool to keep the people in subjugation.

This truth has to be told and acted upon in order to reconstruct what has now become a nightmare in Nigeria. If the millions of children milling the villages and cities of the North had as much as half of education that their counterparts have in the South, particularly in the South West, this anormaly could not possibly have reached this dimension before getting arrested.

The past and present Northern leaders can not shy from their complicity and inaction in this whole affliction that is now claiming limbs and lives in thousands. Their thousands of sprawling mansions in the face of millions of children turned to street urchins is enough condemnation.

As we work on the immediate solution, the remote and more lasting solution lies in a robust and planned massive education of these crowds of kids, sitting target of such a silly and dangerous ideology like Boko Haram.

In the meantime, to give a more critical conclusion, a robust rejuvenation of education, in as much as it is most important in Northern Nigerian right now, is a big matter in the whole of Nigeria if we are to manage our lives with ease and compete in our 21st-century world. It is not an option. We either do it or face such consequences as these obscenities that now beset us.


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