moral musings

Cecil, our dear lion

I do retain, with many who are agitating for same, that the present global protests and initiatives of dissatisfaction against the American Dentist who killed the Zimbabwean lion Cecil are important and in fact necessary. The death of that pleasant beast which has somewhat come to represent the rich wild life of Zimbabwe and which is reputed to be friendly to tourists is deplorable and condemnable.

In spite of my acceptance of such protests however, the question that does not cease bothering me is: “what would have been the response of the world if a Zimbabwean person had been killed?”

That question is troubling, and should be for any one who is sincere and means well, particularly if you survey the list of culpable homicides which have trailed the news lately. From the brutality of police in the United States, to the insensibility of several governments worldwide, to our common ignoring of the plight of thousands of immigrants who die in the Atlantic yearly, the popular mourning for Cecil begs the question unceasingly “What is the value of the life of man to man?”

It would appear to be a mere folly to form an allegiance of protests against uncivilized maltreatment of our treasured wildlife and yet fail to lament the growing and very ignoble threats to the life of human persons worldwide.


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