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Birth Control sophistry

contraceptive liesSpeaking the truth might seem so easy but it is amazing how burdensome it becomes even in very apparently simple discussions. Even when it is obvious in some instances that to say the truth will save or at least enhance one’s life or some other persons’ life, you’ll be surprised how economical we still are in speaking that truth.

That is the case with the means of birth control which abound in our world. The picture  here (see underneath for a bigger version) on contraception methods (from the Times health section of Nov. 11, 2015) speaks with a clear voice how the truth, which the Persian poet and jurist Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi once described as a mirror, is quite offensive and thus often broken with the stones of deceitful sophistry or outright denial.

The picture displays the rate of failure of contraceptive methods in clear, unambiguous and essentially positive terms and yet when it comes to the ONLY means of birth control that does not fail it describes it with a negative sophistry saying, “this should fail 0%“! How about describing it as it is: this does not fail at all? Or describing it at least like it presents the other means of birth control, to simply state that the rate of failure is 0%? Why is it described here with this reductive ”should fail? Ridiculously small or insignificant one may think, but that is how our modern mind and cultural-lingual paraphernalia paint the world and its dynamics for us in such a surreptitious, clandestine yet insidious manner.

For the discerning mind this negative presentation is itself loaded with value and meaning. However the truth of it all is obvious. Our modern, hypersexualized mind may have problem with the fact, but the reality remains  constant that contraception is neither a failure-proof  method of birth control, nor a safe one at that. Of course, that is resting this whole argument within the confines of science alone without going to the miry and dark moral consequences of these methods.

In any case, let the truth be said and acknowledged.  That at least.



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