dear native land!, Nigeria, dear native land!

The correlation of talent and growing that badly-needed forex

 Oresegun Olumide 8

These works of the Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide who makes true-to-life pictures in oil speak for themselves. This is one of the many individuals we have around in the country who need to be brought to the limelight and given utmost support. This gentleman should start an art academy with every support that we can muster.

If we are talking about diversifying the economy and looking inwards, such efforts like this are often overlooked or even relegated to the background. We often think of agriculture, mining and industrialization alone. Those are very important but never sufficient.

This is an example of feats that can generate those badly needed forex that has now become a major national concern in Nigeria. Imagine having and promoting 10 scores of such individuals like Olumide in different fields of the Nigerian life? The sky is the limit for such a country.

The concern is that we do have them, and more than 10 scores. We got them in hundreds. When shall we begin to accord them the necessary support and national recognition?

Of recent the car-making industry brought to light another talented Nigerian who has been on the rise for a while: Chief Innocent Chukwuma of Innoson Motors. Some few days after he trended on different social media and was promoted by one of the Senators albeit a controversial one, the Nigerian Senate President was said to have ordered some foreign exorbitant executive cars for official use!

The question arises: if we want to grow Nigeria and bring it to world standard, do we expect the likes of BMW, Toyota, Total, Julius Berger or these countless other international corporations to do this for us?

It is evident to perceiving minds that our country needs a massive encouragement of home-grown talents and initiatives right now more than ever. The importance of individuals in different cadres of leadership in our country standing up to canvass for an encouragement of our many but silently struggling talents all over the country is now at all-time highpoint.

The founding fathers of America made some provisions for their fatherland, seeing and projecting into the future. It is time for us to begin projecting a better future for ourselves and our children from today.

The works of Oresegun Olumide and those of several like him in different practical fields call Nigeria to the sacred work of looking inward and knowing that developed countries got to where they are today by a promotion of such amazing talents, a search for such individual feats and a replication of such giftedness.


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