dear native land!, Nigeria, dear native land!

How Nigeria can be great like America

  Beautiful points exposed here in this short video clip. Surely these are seminal ideas to get the present government thinking and rethinking.

Be that as it may, America got to where it is because a substantial number of that working class which the presenter talks about in this video had basic education and a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. If such a paradigm is to be followed, there is still need for massive upgrade of our educational structures to start with.

There was a basic techy population to tap into; that was the simple reason why it was easy to attack the recession frontally. Do you know the dearth of good artisans and workers in Nigeria right now? Do you know how many go outside the country to get even a mason? Ironically these were artisans that were so plenty in our midst in the past. It would seem the general recession that Nigeria is going through right now (even if we are not calling it so yet) is already causing a lowering of quality: in skills and in labour, unfortunately.  So many corner cutting in so many fields of life all over the country. The religious included!

If we were to engage the same tactics, its about time we started looking deeply into our educational defects. As it is now, the problem is not so much about the unemployment. That is bad enough, yes. But the greater problem is about the army of youths who are either uneducated, or worse still, mal-educated/badly educated.

In this all-glorious yet crazy 21st century, education, knowledge and technical know-how are the decisive important factors for the development of a people and its country.

And come to think of it,  one of the herculean problems of the Nigerian state, nay African states, namely corruption, thrives more when there is ignorance and low level of education or technical know-how. What Budgit has revealed with regards to the Nigerian 2016 Budget and how this has generated an unprecedented discovery of gross padding (which has always been there) is an excellent example of how education and technical know-how positively  correlate with good governance and general well-being of a people. Education is life; adequate know-how is enabling.

It is now time to assiduously face the issue of good education in Nigeria. Mr. President must begin to tackle this NOW, as if it was to be done yesterday!


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