dear native land!

Keshi: end of an era

Another ebullient man has fallen in the country. Stephen Keshi, erstwhile national coach who won laurels for Nigeria has taken the ultimate bow and gone home to rest.

It is sad to remember that Keshi just  buried his wife this same year.  But it’s a grim reminder of how frail we are. How truthful the words of the Psalms

      The life of mortals is like grass,
they flourish like a flower of
the field; the wind blows over
it and it is gone, and its place
remembers it no more. (Psalm

In spite of the fleeting nature of man you made your mark, great one.  Calm, calculated leader, you took criticisms with poise.

Arguably one of our best national coaches ever,  you were the first Nigerian  coach to lead us to the African cup of nation’s gold in 2013. You did that feat even earlier as a skipper of the Nigeriam team. Even the world recognised your enigmatic ingenuity, naming you the 14th best coach worldwide.  You even managed Togo’s national team, leading it to its first World Cup tournament ever in 2006.

The reminiscences are many but our loss of you huge. Rest in peace big boss, as you were fondly called. You made your impact  o patriot. May the angels lead you home.


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