Nigeria, dear native land!

An open letter to the Vice President

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@ ProfOsinbajo

Your Excellency,

  1. I have followed for a while your interest in digital connectivity. Very commendable, given the fact that you are a digital migrant yourself.
  2. I’m hopeful you’ll do everything to promote the ‘Internet of all things’ that you believe in.
  3. The visit of Mr. Zuckerberg recently is one leeway forward. He spoke passionately of an ‘express WiFi’ to create greater connectivity particularly for rural areas that are yet to experience internet penetration.
  4. ‘Express WiFi’ will not only create an inter-connectivity hub for businesses. It could also be deployed to help in:

(A) Building security platforms via Internet-deployed technologies.

(B) Creating a super & satisfactory public transport (buses/trains) portal and their schedules online; and also portals to other public utilities and government initiatives. It helps in further creating an e-government which the budding digital population in Nigeria really needs in order to effect a connect with the government.

(C) Promoting greater transparency in governance i.e. putting and circulating govt. plans and policies on social media. Encouraging full compliance with the FOI bill. We have suffered mediocrity, corruption and outright low-life because of a long veil of darkness/ignorance on our common face in Nigeria

(D) Sparking off some competitions for production of IT contents among the 70 million youths in the country. One can only imagine the reach of these initiatives.

(E.) creating educational contents that are accessed online, driven by technology and available to all. Our deficiency in robust education is now at an all-time low than ever. (Forget the numbers that are said to be gaining secondary school education; what they gain in there is the issue.)

I hope these, and many other goods that a promotion of a wi-fied Nigeria further promises, encourages your Excellency to pursue this goal relentlessly.

The almost 100 million youths in Nigeria look to such growth as the nation now stands on the cusp of greatness in spite of her present predicament.

Thanks for your time.

@bimboamole, originally tweeted September 3, 2016.


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