You are the change

Be that change!

It is true that a people deserves the leader it gets. Leaders are chosen from among the people and imbibe the cultures and expectations of such a people. Thus the argument that when we point an accusing finger four are pointing back to us remains indisputable. Be that as it may, anyone who truly has any iota of patriotism for the Nigerian State and for her wearied and battered citizens would be convinced of the urgent need for some concerted effort to get ourselves out of this hole. Particularly taking into consideration how far from civility and from a status of a functional nation Nigeria has painfully slid.

It is with this in view that the writer has conceived of this blog, as a means of sensitization of millions of good-willing Nigerians, particularly among the teeming millions of youth who are diversely talented and can stand up to work together for their future, for the future of Nigeria.

Let each of us take up an initiative to create the change that we want. That change, of course, needs to start from you and me. Right from as little gesture as not dropping a litter on the ground, to a  more demanding oversight and calling into order of our government officials. No good change will come unless we ask and work for it.

May we be awake. It’s time to awake!!


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