moral musings, Nigeria, dear native land!

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6th December, best day of the year  🙂


Keep me in your prayers.

moral musings, Nigeria, dear native land!

Musing on 40 years. Thanks to you, and to you!

In life there are many things to be grateful for. True, life comes with its challenges sometimes a bit more than fair, but at other times it complements the pale graphs of these less-desirable experiences with colourful ones.

For these reasons we offer praise, giving thanks in all circumstances as Paul would recommend.1

We give thanks particularly for the steps of growth through the years:

The introduction. Birth into this brave new world, weird and beautiful at once.

New child acquires ability to sit by himself, crawls, imitates words.

Mathematics for children: funny number Four Jumps easily, recognizes objects, colours and numbers, “the wonder years begin.”2

T-Shirts 6 - funny numbers Intricate muscle development begins, great communication skills commence.

 Interaction with friends and peers becomes important, increase of more complex emotions.

to Greater self control, expansion of several learning capacities; pre-adolescent years.

to  Those years of youthful exuberance begin. Adolescence!

to Enter the dragon! Cracking out of the adolescent egg into early adulthood. Hmmm, lots to face: college, vocation, important decisions

to Getting on with young adulthood, with its damn-too serious pace! What Daniel Levinson calls age-30 crisis comes along.3

 End of the Introduction. Life begins!

(c)bimboamole Dec. 6, 2013.

1. 1 Thess. 5:18.

2. Martin Ward Platt, The Wonder Years, The Essential Guide to Child Development for ages 0-5,  (Dunfermline, UK:  Caroll & Brown Publishers Limited, 2006).

3. Daniel Levinson, The Seasons of a Man’s Life (New York 1978) p. 58.