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Of Nations and a Continent

Africa!The s**thole statement accredited to Mr. Trump has received enormous attention, and rightly so. Till date, he has refuted using the alleged words.

This is not quite my concern here. My concern is more of this crazy, unfortunately popular, idea of lumping of nations in Africa and referring to them as a continent when in essence what is often meant is some disparate or few nations. It is almost as if the unbelievable ignorance which Neanderthals would surely have grown out from, were they to survive, continues to fester. Or maybe they did!

I mean it is simply ignorant of any individual worth a name, popular or not, to lump nations of a whole continent together when describing, especially in negative terms, the situation of a country or at best some few countries. This unlearned attitude has also being popularized by the media, the supposed fourth estate which is actually supposed to know better. You begin to wonder if this attitude is therefore a deliberate attempt, changing the discourse from mere ignorance to culpable ignorance and mischief.

In any case, it is never too often to repeat, even if for the umpteenth time, that Africa consists of 55 nations (with the recent inclusion of Morocco), independent countries with clear sovereignty. It is mere foolery to cover a whole continent  with an unjust blanket name when actually one is just referring to a few. Nobody would accuse Asia of being the hotbed of terrorism when intending to refer to a specific country, Afghanistan for instance! That would be stupid ignorance of the highest order, right? I thought as much.

Again, if it did not matter, perhaps President Trump himself would not have singled out Norway as a “desireable” country for immigration to the United States. He could easily have said “why don’t we have people from Europe come over here!” Rather he is alleged to have desired citizens of Norway. Specific name, specific country. Why is is to difficult to know such specificity runs across board?

Ignorance is a disease, a chronic one too. Let us not let it fester. When next anyone speaks of a country in Africa, be specific and talk of the particular nation. Unless you are talking of a phenomenon that is proven to include every single 55 nations of Africa, do not be caught in the ignorance of over-generalization.

It is evil enough to speak of people with such derisive language. It is unpardonably ignorant to speak of  a continent as if it were a nation. If we have gone to school, let us show we have and not display intellectual and moral darkness while describing an entire continent with dark, ignorant perjoratives.